Directionality of Verbs

Many verbs in TSL are directional: they indicate the subjects and objects of the actions described.Some verbs are described by holding the signs away from the subject and towards the object. Sometimes, the verb is directly signed on the object. E.g. (I) tell him; (Someone) gives me (something); (someone) helps me; (I) give him money.Some verbs are signed in the reverse direction, where the sign is held away from the object and towards the subject. E.g. (Someone) imitates (me); I borrow (money) (from him).Some verbs, such as to love and to want, are non-directional. This kind of verbs are sometimes signed directly on the object and sometimes accompanied by the auxiliary marker to see, which helps discriminate the subject from the object.Other verbs do not require objects, hence non-directional. E.g. to die, to say, to stand up.